Aaron Rosen grew up in Northern California where he gained an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the unique and wonderful homes that California has to offer. He knows that whether buying or selling that the utmost care, attention, and excellence is required to minimize stress, maximize value, and successfully accomplish goals. His attention to detail ensures a thorough approach to making properly informed decisions with all of your real estate needs. Aaron has a unique style of finding and distilling problems into solutions. Before becoming a Realtor at Luxe Places, Aaron enjoyed a career in a wide range of creative arts. His talent for public speaking was honed as a writer, actor, stand up comedian, and classically trained performance artist. From the age of 10 he traveled, performed and taught with a circus around Scandinavia and Northern Europe. From these experiences he’s crafted direct, friendly, and concise communication, expert negotiating skills, and effective marketing that he utilizes for the benefit of his clients. Aaron’s vision for homeowners is to help correct the historic low rates of homeownership since the 2008 housing market crash. He knows that owning property is key to building a stable, community-oriented and prosperous future for individuals, families, and communities across California.